Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

How to Improve Production of Catheters and Stents

Advances in downstream extrusion equipment have boosted production control.

Extrusion Know How

EXTRUSION: Melting 101

Learn the basics on how polymer melts in a single screw. Barrel temperature plays less of a role than you might think.

Tooling Know How

Solving Issues with Gloss

Your problem may be related to tooling, material, processing, or combinations thereof. Here’s how to find the root cause.

Injection Molding

The Importance of Gate Geometry

Gate size and shape—unlike gate location—don’t often get the attention they deserve. Many common assumptions about gate geometry deserve to be challenged


Extrusion: How Much L/D Do You Really Need?

Just like selecting the extruder size and drive combination, the L/D should be carefully evaluated.

Injection Molding

Got Streaks or Black Specs? Here’s How to Find and Fix Them

Determining the source of streaking or contamination in your molded parts is a critical step in perfecting your purging procedures ultimately saving you time and money.

Injection Molding

The 'Butterfly Effect' in Injection Molding—A Connected Process

In injection molding, a seemingly minor change in a setpoint can have a significant impact on part quality and process robustness and repeatability. That’s why Scientific Molding focuses on process outputs, not setpoints.

Stretch Blow Molding

Solving the Bane of Stretch-Blow Molding: Off-Center Gates

There are many reasons why off-center gates happen, and processors should be aware of all of them to quickly find the ones causing the problem.

People 4.0 – How to Get Buy-In from Your Staff for Industry 4.0 Systems

Implementing a production monitoring system as the foundation of a ‘smart factory’ is about integrating people with new technology as much as it is about integrating machines and computers. Here are tips from a company that has gone through the process.

Multi-Screw Compounding

Follow These Guidelines to Select the Right Pelletizing System

Which pelletizing system is right for your application? Is the one you’re using today necessarily the right choice for tomorrow? Here’s is an analysis that can help you decide among the three major options.

Injection Molding

Process Capability and the ‘Hesitation Effect’

Understanding the concepts of pack and hold and applying them during process development is critical for molders to achieve consistent part quality.

Injection Know How

PART 2: The Importance of Consistent Fill Time

To make identical parts, you need to keep fill time constant. In part one we covered the why. Here’s the how.

In-Mold Decorating

Best of…Best Practices in Injection Molding

Fifty expert speakers at Plastics Technology’s annual Molding Conference will offer their insights to help you optimize your process.

Injection Know How

Part 1: The Importance of Consistent Fill Time

To make identical parts, you need to keep fill time constant. Here’s why.


Part 11: A Processor's Most Important Job

It’s the processors job to ensure molded parts contain enough stabilizer to perform to the expectations of the end use.

Film Extrusion

A Gel By Any Other Name...

Gels…unmelt…contaminants…inclusions…whatever you call them, you want to avoid them. Proper maintenance and good housekeeping—lids on boxes, closed hopper doors, core-free reclaim systems—go a long way towards defect-free product.

Extrusion Know How

Extrusion: Head Pressure and Output Stability

Use drag- and pressure-flow equations to analyze fluctuating output.

Injection Know How

Injection Molding: Sliding vs. Locking Ring—Which Non-Return Valve Is Right for You?

The locking-ring style appears to dominate the market, as most believe it makes a make a better seal and leaks less. But is this really so?

Materials Know How

A Processor's Most Important Job, Part 9: Avoid Molded-In Stress

How to establish molding conditions that minimize internal stress in a part.

Injection Molding

Up to Snuff on Scientific Molding? Then it’s Time to Mold ‘Systematically’

Scientific molding is centered around learning about key molding principles and theories. The strategic application of those principles and theories is what’s known as systematic molding.

Injection Molding

Screw Wear: Understanding Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Here’s how to find out what’s happening to your screw and what to do about it.

Film Extrusion

Reducing Low-Level Background Gels in PE Film

While considered acceptable in many cases, they need not be tolerated and are usually attributable to minor screw-design flaws. Here’s some advice on what to do about them.

Injection Molding

Pellet to Gate Control: The Value of a Holistic View of Melt Management

Molders tend to think about the elements of a melt-delivery system, from screw to hot-runner gate, in isolation from each other. But taking an integrated view of the whole system can have big consequences for cycle time, part quality, scrap rates, and energy consumption.

Extrusion Know How

Extrusion: How to Estimate and Control Head Pressure

You rightfully worry about melt temperature, but don’t overlook head pressure, because the two are closely linked and will influence line performance.

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