Commodity Resins

Prices Up for Major Volume Resins

Blame global plant outages leading to tighter feedstock and resin supplies and higher feedstock costs. Add in some ‘catch-up’ resin demand.  

Commodity Resins

Commodity Resin Prices End the Year Mixed

Overall, processors will have more leverage in 2021 contract negotiations.  

Commodity Resins

Rising Prices for PE, PVC; Others Flat to Down

A reversal of the rising price curve for PP, PS, PET.


Prices Up for Nearly All Major Volume Resins--For Now

As the third quarter was coming to an end, prices of nearly all volume resins were higher or heading that way. But flat or even lower prices are seen ahead.

Commodity Resins

Prices Up for All Commodity Resins

Factors include strong domestic and/or export demand, tighter supplier inventories, and higher feedstock costs resulting from production outages. 

Commodity Resins

Commodity Resin Prices Rebound

Resurgence in exports, stronger domestic demand, higher feedstock costs push prices back up for PE, PP, PS, PVC—but not PET.


Prices of Volume Resins Bottom Out

Increased exports, higher prices for feedstocks, and a slow ramp-up of production of industrial and durable goods are projected to stabilize resin prices and put upward pressure on PE and possibly PVC.

Consumer Products

Commodity Resin Prices Plunge in Second Quarter

Weak demand for industrial and durable goods, along with globally lower feedstock prices outweigh strong demand for packaging, medical products. 

Commodity Resins

Price of PP First to Plunge; PE, PS, PVC, PET Are Next

Coronavirus fallout: Slowing demand, higher resin inventories, low global material prices, plus labor and transportation challenges.


Prices of Volume Resins Flat to Down

Key drivers for the trajectory of resin prices include supply outpacing demand, lower feedstock costs, and uncertainty about coronavirus effects.

Commodity Resins

Flat to Higher Pricing for Polyolefins, PS, PVC and PET

The trajectory for resin pricing going into the second quarter is unsettled by a virus outbreak.

Consumer Products

Prices Bottom Out for PE & PP? Up for PS, Flat-to-Down for PVC & PET

Drivers include parity with global prices, ample supplies and higher raw material costs in some instances.

Commodity Resins

PS Prices Rise While Others Sink

Parity with global prices, higher feedstock costs, and ample supplies are among the drivers.

Consumer Products

Volume Resin Prices Flat or Down

Feedstock costs are lower, supply is outpacing demand, and overall global demand has slowed.

Commodity Resins

2019 Ends with Lower Prices for Commodity Resins

Global demand slowdown and oversupply end the year with a buyers’ market.


Prices for Nearly All Volume Resins Down

Flat pricing projected in fourth quarter for volume resins.


Lower or Flat Prices Ahead

Slowed demand, sufficient supplies, and lower global prices could serve to push down U.S. prices of most commodity resins.


Flat or Softer Prices Ahead

Ample resin supplies outstripping demand are likely to keep commodity resin prices flat to lower.

Commodity Resins

Prices Down for Polyolefins & PET

A flat-to-downward pricing trajectory generally applies to all five major commodity resins going into August.

Consumer Products

Prices of Polyolefins, PET Softer; PS, PVC Up for Short Term

Overall, supply outstripping demand likely to keep price trajectory flat-to-down.

Commodity Resins

Prices of Volume Resins Mostly Flat or Lower

PP, PVC are the exceptions, with prices on ‘short-term’ upward path.

Commodity Resins

Prices Up for PE, PP, PS

An upward pricing trajectory could be short lived. PVC and PET prices are flat or lower.

Commodity Resins

Prices of PE, PP, PS Up; Flat-to-Down for PVC, PET

Potential for short-lived upward pricing trajectory possible for the polyolefins, PS.

Commodity Resins

Mixed Signals on Resin Prices

Prices of PE, PVC and PET were flat in March, while PP dropped and PS moved up.

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