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Vacuum System Types


Resin Conveying Systems commonly fit into one of the following four categories:      

  • Single Source - Single Destination: Extrusion, thermoforming, and injection (preforms)
  • Single Source - Multiple Destination: Extrusion, injection (caps), and blowmolding (containers)
  • Multiple Source - Single Destination: Extrusion
  • Multiple Source - Multiple Destination: Injection, extrusion (tubing, wire & cable)

Many crossover situations may affect the system selection process but typically...more(+)


Vacuum system design

Central material-handling systems are inherently complex. To help plastics processors evaluate their systems, the articles provided here help identify minor problems that can easily be corrected, and even help conduct a full-scale.... more (+)



Vacuum System

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Conveying Controls

Touchscreens are the latest form of interface to be applied to the control of polymer conveying systems. A touchscreen can be made to operate either a programmable logic control (PLC) or a microprocessor-based control.more (+)