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Drying Basics

Dehumidifying of plastics resin is utilized to minimize or eliminate problems that may be caused by too much or too little moisture in a plastic material during processing.  Although most processors accept the need to predry resins, particularly highly hygroscopic ones, many do not understand the basics - or even the vocabulary of resin drying.... more (+)



Resin Types

Each resin has a set of processing characteristics. They also have a certain affinity to collect moisture, which dictates the method and time required for drying... more (+)



Dryer Controls Today and "The Power of Touch"

In the past the industry's most advanced drying controls were only used in central conveying systems.  More commonly used were microprocessor controls for dryers which varied in design from liquid crystal or vacuum fluorescent to LED displays. The more sophisticated controls were generally developed for conveying systems ulitizing multiple receivers, pumps and material selection devices.... more (+)