Whether you’re familiar with polymers or considering one for the first time, we are here to provide you with ideas, engineering solutions, and technical support. Eastman wants to help you bring your innovative products to market quickly and efficiently by providing you with insights into optimizing your processes and choosing the right material to meet your needs.


To achieve superior results with any material, there are several parameters to consider in choosing the right molding machine and settings. This section contains information on drying, airflow rates, and moisture measurements. You will also find important factors to consider and recommendations for barrel and melt temperatures, injection speed, screw speed, cushion size, back pressure, and purge materials.

Fabrication and secondary operations

With properties such as easy processing, clarity, toughness and heat and chemical resistance, Eastman polymers create value across a broad spectrum of markets including housewares, small appliances, infant care, and medical. Our polymers are often used in applications requiring joining and/or assembling multiple components as well as decorating processes used to enhance the appearance or functionality of an article.