Vacuum System Controls

There are controls designed for systems of every size and capability. Whether you have simple self-contained loaders (with built-in controls) or central systems with 1 to 20 vacuum pumps and up to 120 receivers, you have control choices. Once again, consult with your systems engineer. There are many things to be considered and a good systems person can walk you through the maze to reach a logical conclusion.

Here are the basic things you have to consider when making a choice.

Current conditions:

  • What will be the maximum number on the system?
  • How many pumps are in the system?
  • Should all of those pumps be on one control or should they be divided between 2 or more controls?
  • How many stations each pump will serve?
  • Do you require purge, blowback or proportioning?
  • Are you using central drying?
  • Do you have a brand preference?
  • Which kind of No-Load Alarm do you need?
  • Do you want/need Auto ID Proofing capability?
  • Do you want/need Ethernet capability?
  • What kind of Operator Interface do you need…Touch screen, size, color, monochrome, pushbutton PLC?
  • How much expandability do you need for the future?

Future conditions:

No one has a crystal ball to read the future but consider trends in your markets and within your company.

  • Is expansion or consolidation likely to increase the number of processing machines you will have?
  • Are you likely to be using new materials that will influence current design parameters?

All of these factors will influence your control choice. Your systems designer is best prepared to give you reliable advice.

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