Blower Maintenance

Every dryer is designed with an airflow volume to match its throughput capacity along with the heaters, desiccant, etc.  If the airflow rate is compromised, the dryer efficiency is reduced.
Remember that there are two blowers in desiccant dryer systems:

  • A process blower, which may be located within the dryer cabinet or on the drying hopper
  • A regeneration blower, inside the cabinet, forces hot air through the desiccant to remove absorbed moisture and make it ready to remove more moisture from the process air stream

You can ensure that the maximum airflow is maintained by:

  • Following the instructions for filter maintenance
  • Checking hose connections for tightness
  • Repairing/replacing hoses that are crimped or crushed
  • Repairing holes in hoses or replacing the hose
  • Making sure hose linings have not collapsed – blocking airflow
  • Ensuring that hoses are the shortest possible length

Any blower that changes pitch over time or begins to make abnormal noises should be examined and replaced as soon as possible to assure full air flow is available for the dehumidifying and regeneration processes.