Filter Maintenance

Air cleansing filters are used in drying systems to:

  • Prevent dust and fines carried over from the material in the drying hopper from contaminating the desiccant’s ability to remove moisture
  • Clean ambient air used in the regeneration of the desiccant
  • Prevent dust from contacting the dryer’s heaters, creating a fire hazard

Keep all filters in the drying system clean to allow the critical airflows of the dryer to do their job. 
Maintenance routine:

  • Turn the dryer heaters off and allow heaters to cool-off before the blowers are stopped
  • Carefully remove the filter elements
  • Clean or replace the filter elements 
  • Air blow or vacuum the filters to remove accumulated dust and fines
  • Do not puncture or distort the filters
  • Replace filter elements if they are damaged, distorted or can’t be cleaned
  • Carefully re-install filter elements so no leaks are allowed around the base of the filter or the filter housing or lid.

Poor filter maintenance is the number one reason for:

  • Premature desiccant failure and, as a result, dryer failure
  • Reducing process airflow which reduces drying efficiency