All Electric Injection Molding Auxiliary Equipment

Material Handling Equipment (silos/loading/blending/granulating)

Milacron offers total Material Management support from products, system design, installation, technical support and customer service. Milacron competitively delivers advanced designs and the highest quality equipment. Our technologies in material conveying, storage, drying, and blending give you every advantage in your processing applications. We can supply your specific requirements and engineer equipment and systems to precisely fit all specialized operations.

Milacron Material Management equipment and systems are precisely engineered and integrated to save you time and put money in your pocket. From receiving and storing, to the feeding and processing of plastic raw materials, our equipment and systems deliver with the speed and efficiency you want.

Chillers for process cooling requirements (high pressure/high flow)

Milacron integrated Heat Transfer systems offer comprehensive and optimum temperature control through all process phases and supporting systems. Precise and efficient heat removal and proper mold cooling means productivity and profitability.

Milacron Heat Transfer equipment gives comprehensive control of all mold and machine hydraulic cooling parameters to optimize production rates, as well as the quality and appearance of parts.

High Speed Side or Top Entry Robotics

The Milacron Robot Series gives you profitable advantages with high-speed automation of part handling and secondary operations.

This series provides a comprehensive line of robots for degating, assembly, and many other operations that add productivity to your capabilities for your plastics processing operation.
Superior quality, less waste, greater repeatability per cycle and greater productivity are all results of efficient product management. High-speed automation can support statistical process control, "just-in-time" manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement to give you competitive advantages you need in today's plastics markets.

Finished Part Handling/Conveying

The Milacron Conveyor Series gives you every possible advantage to efficiently prepare parts for shipment, from moving parts to various process stages, to automatically removing runners and boxing parts for delivery.

The hallmarks of the series are efficiency and cost reduction through automation and timely delivery of parts plant-wide in a plastic processing plant.