Two-Stage Injection Unit
Extruder and injection Drives
Melt Cross-Over
Melt Cross-Over Diagram

POWERLINE - 2 Stage Injection

Two Stage Injection Unit for High Throughput Applications

  • Shot size from 30 oz (35,000 psi) to 195 oz (17,800 psi)
  • Shot size versatility: 2% to 95% shot capacity
  • Improved residence times by varying extruder diameter without affecting shot size, rate, or pressure.
  • Separate plasticizing and injection functions. Adds molding capability and flexibility.
  • Generates higher injection rates, pressures and volumes with smaller, more precise electromechanical drives.
  • Long stroke for improved resolution and repeatability.
  • Improved melt quality: Consistent L/D; each pellet sees same heat and screw length.
  • Ultimate screw versatility: GP; Powermelt TM Barrier; Wear star; Barr ET; Barr VBET; Klearstar; and engineering material capable
  • Up to 1200 lb/hr throughput capability.
  • Adaptable extrusion-to-injection technology such as screen changers and compounding.