Low Friction Clamping

  • Rack and pinion clamp drive
  • Replaceable die locating ring
  • Bull gear for die height adjustment
  • Highly sensitive Mold Guard protection
  • Low friction adjustable clamp shoes with outboard support
  • Greaseless tie bar design with low friction linear bearing clamp guides
  • Chrome-Plated hardened steel toggle pins and reduced lubrication bushings
  • Clamp lubrication alarms
  • Automatic electrically activated die height adjustment
  • Auto lube of toggle linkages
  • Digital set-up and read-out of clamp position to 0.001” resolution
  • Manual mold purge
  • Pneumatic mold gate (software/signals only)
  • Tri-directional part removal
  • Walk-up base design for easy access to high cavitation molds