Rigid, Low Friction Injection

The S2000i-B Series injection units have been engineered for greater rigidity. A new high-precision, high-resolution digital load cell ensures quality molding through precision pressure control without influence by outside noise.

The highly rigid and low friction injection unit combined with the precise, high-resolution digital load cell results in fast injection response and precise pressure control required in precision molding.
Precision Performance

PRECISION METERING CONTROL: The combination of high precision and high resolution digital load cell along with the low friction injection unit provides stability and repeatability of quality molded parts. Variations in resin pressure are suppressed at the end of metering, thereby stabilizing metering density.

HIGH RESPONSE (HR) CONTROL: Enables you to select from eight different modes for the pressure transfer from injection to pack for optimum molding of the part. For thick wall parts, HR Control excels in the prevention of sink marks. For thin wall parts, HR Control prevents warping and improves the uniformity of wall thickness