What matters the most? Employee safety! Therefore, the free-standing safety guarding is an essential component for the operation of individual injection molding machines with a conveyor and also for integrated and automated production cells. It’s an easy to install modular solution, which meets the requirements according to EN ISO 14120. Flexibility is an important topic for the user, that’s why the modular concept supports straightforward configuration and installation. Thanks to its modular structure, the safety guarding can be expanded and adapted to new requirements with no effort.

picture showing a safety system, by ENGEL

Individually adapted openings with a safety tunnel make it possible to safely remove or supply any parts in the production process. The viewing fields consist of polycarbonate panels, wire mesh or a combination of both to ensure good visibility of the automation process.

Another benefit, the protective enclosure is easy to clean, with as few edges and cuts as possible. If necessary, the safety guarding can meet the requirements of medical device manufacturing and clean room production as well.