Pick-and-place robots

Proven pick-and-place robots are an economical choice for the fast removal of sprues especially if the parts should be removed manually or fall out of the machine freely. The compact design offers the user free access to the mold area. The ”smart” pick and place robot guarantees a quick, safe and simple manipulation of the parts and together with the short intervention times, a trouble-free production process.


Linear robots

High-performance linear robots can give you maximize your output with low energy consumption. Besides that, certain brands of linear robots have low life-cycle costs because of their durable design and extremely low maintenance costs.


Articulated robots

A multifunctional articulated arm robot, also known as a 6-axis robot, is ideally suited for positioning tasks with a high freedom of orientation. These types of robots work in all 3 dimensions which makes them perfect for secondary machining tasks that require precise travel path characteristics. The right articulating robot can also be taught new tasks at any time.


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