picture showing injection molding machine maintenance

To make full use of the potential of your production plant and extend injection molding machine and component life maintenance on a regular base is mandatory. Only by thorough machine inspection and calibration, maximum efficiency and optimal functionality can be achieved.

The range of equipment checks should be tailored to your individual needs, depending on the requirements and the type of machine. Qualified specialists can inspect your systems at the intervals you outline, following standardized procedures and techniques. This can reduce both planned and unplanned downtime due to an irregular maintenance schedule.

Different maintenance services that are available:

  • Inspection
    visual inspection of the machine, inspection checklist with 9 inspection categories which include up to 33 individual checks
  • Safety check
    inspection and test of safety-relevant machine parts
  • Fluid service
    hydraulic oil inspection, lubricant service, filter change
  • Measuring & testing
    function test, inspection of platen parallelism and injection unit
  • Calibration
    optimization of control parameters for cylinder heating, pressure and velocity, calibration of movements, pressure and velocity

What’s the right maintenance interval and which service fits your needs? Contact our experts or read more about our services.