Oil Maintenance Overview

Oil Maintenance OverviewThe purpose of hydraulic oil in a hydraulic injection molding machine is to transfer power and enable movement of machine parts. During that movement, small particles of dirt can be released into the oil causing contamination. Believe it or not, contamination of the hydraulic oil is responsible for 80% of all hydraulic system failures. Even the smallest particles of dirt can cause your production equipment to fail. Consistent high oil quality and viscosity and a clean hydraulic system are indispensable for increasing productivity in the long-term. Without any precautions the hydraulic oil needs to be changed regularly. Failures can be caused by:

  • Particles
    Particles in the hydraulic oil collide with metal parts. This damages the surface and releases new metal particles. Hard particles between moving parts can result in deterioration. 
  • Oil degradation
    Oxidation and high working temperatures of the hydraulic oil lead to
    resin build-up or resin deposits (gumming). 
  • Water
    Water in the oil evaporates. The microscopically small vapor bubbles implode under high pressure. The resulting pressure peaks strip particles off the metal surface. Additionally, water in the oil causes
    equipment corrosion.

Oil maintenance helps to sustainably avoid unplanned downtime, reduce wear, maintenance and replacement costs and to produce in a more energy-efficient way by reducing friction.

With the use of a small electric pump, the hydraulic oil constantly circulates through a cellulose cartridge, which removes dirt particles, condensed water and oil degradation products in a single step – clean oil is returned to the circulation stream. Clean oil, with constant quality and viscosity, can extended life expectancy up to 4 times for hydraulic components. It enhances the necessary maintenance interval on oil changes and tank cleanings. Oil related downtime can be reduced up to 55%.

Oil Maintenance cartridges retain oil degradation products.

Oil Maintenance

When was the last time that you checked the hydraulic oil in your injection molding machine? Can’t remember? No worries – better late than never! Ask our experts about oil maintenance possibilities or get more information in our brochure.