Clearmelt is a high-volume manufacturing system that combines thermoplastic injection molding with thermoset polyurethane (PUR) reaction injection molding for the ‘single-cell’ production of stunning, high-gloss, scratch-resistant, clear-coated components.  It provides a 3-D effect, the integration of decorative components and makes possible the integration of smart switch functions.  PUR flooded carriers with integrated circuits can be used to manufacture interactive/touch vehicle control consoles.  Production using this technology has demonstrated a functional electronic component, incorporating a capacitive foil overmolded with PUR. 

The clearmelt process was developed as an alternative to the spray methods which provided protective, gloss finished for automotive interiors.  It reduces requirements, as well cost of labor, materials, and waste disposal.  Additionally, the process eliminates airborne pollutants that are a by-product of spray-coating and varnishing.

Sensitive Touch

Every injection molding application that currently uses decorative film or veneers to produce a distinctive look or fee can benefit from the ENGEL clearmelt process.  Clearmelt also has a place in the consumer electronics industry – enhancing the aesthetically appealing appearance of finished electronic parts, while also providing opportunities for increasing integrated part functionality.