Verification, Validation and Traceability of Materials

Material Selection

When you have multiple materials going to one or more destinations, you have to decide how you are going to get the right material to its intended destination. Toting a Gaylord out to the process machine with a forklift or a pallet jack is time consuming and clogs up valuable manufacturing space. Keeping materials in a central location – preferably in surge bins or silos – even centrally located Gaylords is a more efficient arrangement.

With centrally located material storage, you have a variety of material selection methods available. You can choose from open array manifolds, cabinet-enclosed manifolds with Auto ID of materials or automatic distribution valves with full pellet-to-product Verification, Validation, Tracing and Recording capabilities.

The features, benefits and initial cost of these methods vary greatly, so a thorough investigation is necessary.

An example of relative costs:

Open Array Manifold = $

Enclosed Manifold with Auto ID = 1.5  $

Fully Automatic Air Cylinder Actuated Design = 3-4  $

Fully Automatic Rotating Disc Design = 6-7 $