Video: Conveying Equipment News


Vacuum Conveying Smart Pumps Deliver Maximum Uptime

With advanced monitoring and predictive technology, these “Smart Pumps” for vacuum conveying systems deliver maximum uptime with less maintenance. Watch Now


Conveying Systems Design Combines Process Knowledge and Technology

This experienced team of applications engineers develop conveying systems that fit a plant’s materials requirements with state-of-the-art control and monitoring technology. Watch Now


Expandable Conveying Control System for Pumps, Valves, Blenders and More

The powerful FX2 controls up to five vacuum pumps and 32 stations and can expand to give full visibility to your entire conveying system. Watch Now.


Vacuum Receivers Feature Modular Design

The new VRM line of vacuum receivers have modular components for inlets, vacuum lines and discharge ports to serve a wide range of applications, plus provide easy maintenance. Watch Now


Railcar Unloading System has Predictive Maintenance Built In

The RailSense railcar unloading system comes pre-engineered with active predictive maintenance sensors for pumps, motors and the filter system. It also provides operational feedback for users. Watch Now