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Expandable Conveying Control System for Pumps, Valves, Blenders and More

The powerful FX2 controls up to five vacuum pumps and 32 stations and can expand to give full visibility to your entire conveying system.


Video Transcription

Narrator: We're back here with Kevin and Fred and we’re going to talk about the FX2 Novatec controller and I'm going to have them take it away and we'll go from there.

Kevin: This is Fred Eichhorn. Fred is our engineering manager at Novatec. I like to call him our puppet master with controls because he seems to have a way to do some pretty unique things with controls. As we talked earlier in the presentation today, more and more customers want to see their network across different platforms. They want to be able to it see at their desk, they want to see it maybe at the purchasing desk, they may want to see it on their iPhone's or their Pad's. Novatec has done a really good job and Fred's done a great job creating those platforms so we can share that information simply and basically once you have the control system it's free. It's all dependent on whether you want to network it or not. That being said, this is our FX2 control system. This controller is basically ethernet IP driven for expansion, but it starts out with 32 stations, 5 pumps and 25 purge valves. It's capable for auto ID, which means that you can have manifold proofing so you don't send the wrong material to the wrong place. You can monitor your silos, you can monitor your blenders and you can actually network into your drying system as well. So, it's kind of a full facet network to give you full access and visibility to your system. Fred, you want to tell us a little about the platform we use?

Fred: Sure. The platform is a Siemens base PLC system in touchscreen. This is our 12-inch model. It's capable of 5 pumps and 32 stations but can be expanded through a remote IO using PROFINET to 20 pump capability and 160 stations.

Kevin: As we mentioned before it is networkable so if the purchasing people want to be able to see their silo level or capacity for reordering from their desk, it's easy to network to them. This represents the silo levels that would give you an actual bar graph on the level of a silo and if you use load cells you can get actual weight out of the silo, so you know what your inventory control would look like. Blender monitoring and overview. You can go onto your blender individually and then you can set up recipes. Maybe Fred can tell us a bit more about that?

Fred: Sure Kevin, no problem. So, as you see here we're looking at a blender. This is communicating to MacGuire blenders. We have the ability to talk to 32 MacGuire blenders at a time. And in addition to getting status information, totalizers, storage stopped capability. We can also edit recipes on the actual blenders. So a great thing is we can actually upload a blender after everything is running successfully, upload it into our FX2 controls with Novatec and save this as recipes, so later on when additional equipment is loaded we can then quickly download those set up parameters and have another blender up and running instantly.

Kevin: Going back to the home screen. Understanding that we have different customers, whether they be English speaking or Spanish speaking, we can go into the set-up screen here and convert the controller to be Spanish. And we've also dummied down the controller so it's a lot of icon driven so you don't have to necessarily know the language to know what you're doing with the control panel. If you look at the overview screen on the stations, we make it very simple for the customer to understand what your system is going through. Representatively, each station if its calling for material, if it's purging, if it's discharging, if it's satisfied, you'll see the status of each station on the main screen. You can identify and name the stations whatever the customer wants to name them. Maybe station one is machine one, maybe station one is dry and hopper 10. You can name them and label them so that your technicians and your employees that work with the system can identify them easily. Going into each station for your set up allows you to have simple approaches for each station set up whether it be fill time, discharge time, purge, pump assignments, close loop convey. A lot of things that we offer as standard in our control panel, that a lot of our competitors would offer options. Anything you want to add to this at all, Fred?

Fred: Sure Kevin. We haven't talked about the station setups. In addition, we have the ability with our QSM modules with auto ID, we can proof and validate that the material going to that station is the correct one that the customer wants to use. In addition, we have a new air-speed control feature, the air-speed control combined with our AFR is a patented feature to reduce wear in the system and creating a softer convey.

Narrator: We have another one but it's on the other side of the wall so we're going to cut over to the FTS and we're going to talk about that. So let's go on over. Morning and welcome back with Fred and we're going to talk about the FTS controller. Fred, why don't you take away?

Fred: Thank you Paul. The FTS controller is our mid-range systems controller. It's a very value, action-packed, feature-full controller. It has three pumps and 34 station controls, and it has source, Dry-Air, all the features that you would expect in a higher level of controls. One of the recent things that we've added to that is its remote-control capability. The FTS can control and remotely take over other Novatec equipment such as dryers, crystallizers and those other equipment. In our plant, they had the ability from the FTS controller to control that equipment. You can also control other FTS or FX2 controllers. So it has a lot of extra value. This allows a customer or service to be able to remotely access from anywhere in the world through a web page directly to this HTML, smart phones and computers.

Narrator: Perfect. Fred, that's terrific. For more information on this systems approach and the controllers, go to But also keep in mind, there's a full systems PowerPoint presentation that will be on display in the virtual trade show. There will be a little icon you can see. Hop on it and you'll get a more in-depth discussion through the PowerPoint on systems. Thanks.