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Vacuum Conveying Smart Pumps Deliver Maximum Uptime

With advanced monitoring and predictive technology, these “Smart Pumps” for vacuum conveying systems deliver maximum uptime with less maintenance.


Video Transcription

Narrator: Good morning again. And we're here in the center of the Novatec booth and under this crystal ball we have one of the Novatec silencer pumps outfitted with PumpSense. With me today is Jim Zinski president of MachineSense and Ryan Embury conveying product engineer at Novatec. OK Jim let's start with you. Why don't you tell us how PumpSense is different from any other industrial pump.

Jim: PumpSense provides a unique sensor and analytic technology that allows processors to understand when the maintenance needs to take place, based on the condition of those key components, so it takes the guesswork out of the maintenance process. It constantly monitors the conditions of all of those components and it allows the user to get the best performance out of the pump, the best performance out of the conveying system, and also the longest life out of the pump. Novatec offers a five year warranty on PD pumps, which leads the industry.

Narrator: Perfect, thanks Jim. Ryan, all these different things running around all these monitors, can you go through with us and how this will help the typical processor.

Ryan: Absolutely. With the sensors in the analytics from PumpSense we're able to monitor different conditions of the components of a pump. You can look at filter quality whether the filter is clean, getting to the point of replacement, or completely clogged. We also have a blower quality, so the health of the blower which could be looking for bearing failure or any kind of manufacturer's defect that may have come across through the blower.

You got oil viscosity and oil quality so it could tell you if you have the wrong viscosity in the blower. It will also tell you if the oil is going bad, so you'd be able to change it actively. We also have oil volume. It will tell you whether the oil is low, correct positioning or if it's overfilled. Where low and overfill could be detrimental to the blower's health. We also have the vacuum, where it will monitor and trend the actual conveying application, the conveying conditions the pump will be seeing throughout the conveying system.

Narrator: Perfect, thanks very much. We're going to talk now about the availability of these pumps which are online now which are coming onboard soon. But that's in the back. So let's take a break and we go back and cover that.

Hey we're back with Ryan and as I said we're going to talk about the various pumps that are available and how pumps senses help them to be more advantageous to the customer. Ryan, Take it away.

Ryan: Thank you. As you see here, this is all our standard offerings. We have our positive displacement pump which is one of our more popular units. It's now available with PumpSense, so it has the capability to monitor all the different variables that were discussed when we were talking about PumpSense where it goes over filter quality, blower health, and oil.  We typically use these for moderate conveying distances and applications. We also have here is our regenerative blower pump which is our VRB, also now available with PumpSense is typically used for shorter conveying distance with lower vacuum.

Now to my left here we have our max flow vacuum pump. This is almost equivalent to a claw pump, almost has that performance but has a 10 to 15 higher performance rate than a standard PD. So it allows us to really work that long distance conveying with a slightly higher throughput. This is also now available with PumpSense. And last but not least, we have our silencer pump. This pump is our VPTB or our positive displacement pump equivalent. It operates under 80 decibels, has a 16 percent smaller footprint and is also available with PumpSense. And that's all we have for pumps.

Narrator: Ryan, that was terrific. Thanks very much appreciate it. If you need any more information on PumpSense