Auto ID or "Proofing" of Materials to be Conveyed




Material Proofing or Auto ID is a system that can be utilized with certain Quick Selection Manifolds. The system, called Auto ID or “Proofing” provides the operator with instructions as to which source and destination to connect and then allows the system to convey material only if the right connection is made. The system cannot function if the wrong connection is made. This can reduce costs greatly by eliminating the problem of sending the wrong material to a source – saving lost material, machine downtime and rejected parts. With the manifolds enclosed in a cabinet, it is easy to clearly mark material names on the cabinet. Likewise, machine numbers are marked on the hose connections.

How it works…

Auto ID allows an operator to assign a defined source to any eligible destination receiver. With Auto-ID enabled, the operator simply selects the correct source from a customer configurable pull down list while viewing the destination receiver setup screen. For example, if Press #42 is assigned source Blue PP 123, the operator then goes to the material manifold and connects the Press #42 flex hose to a manifold dispensing Blue PP 123. If the connection is made correctly, material is transferred. If the connection is not made correctly, the control will sound an alarm and not transfer material.

This method guarantees your process will always receive material from the operator designated material source. As an added protection, the control can receive material selection requirements from a master scheduler controller via Ethernet communication as part of an end user networking setup.