Automatic Multi-Material Distribution Valves

Material Selection

When it comes to automatic multi-material distribution valves, there is no shortage of designs. They all basically serve the same purpose but some are installed vertically, some horizontally and some can be installed in either manner. Some have relative few moving parts but others have more complex working mechanisms that may actually rotate the valve to make connections. Not only can this be problematical, but the more complex distributions can be several times the cost of simpler versions.

View short video explanation of fully automatic systems. (6 minutes)

Here, we show a design that is relatively simple. It is expandable, distributing materials from up to 12 different sources to a single or multiple destinations. It can be used in common line or dedicated line systems and lines are purged after each load of material is delivered. When serving multiple destinations, bi-verter valves are installed in the material lines at each destination. They ensure that the required material is delivered to the proper destination. See more information on diverter Valves


View short video: Basic Automatic Material Selection (5 minutes)

How It Works

1. The operator keys the material source and the material destination into a conveying
system control.
2. Compressed air cylinders react to signals from the controller to open one valve at a
time to allow the requested material to flow to its destination.
3. Line purging follows automatically and the vertical valve is ready for another signal.
4. The positive-seating valves are the only moving parts.