Special Applications

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special applications

Stainless steel flex hose, abrasion-resistant coatings and high-temperature silicone gaskets and seals are available for special applications.


Be sure to consult with your conveying system designer if you are going to be conveying materials that are abrasive, very powdery or above 250 degrees F.

You want to be sure that your system is designed to work with your materials and if you do not cover these aspects, you may be voiding your warranty.

Special applications that require attention include:

  • Abrasive Materials
    Since the material is traveling at high velocities, you want to be sure to use stainless steel tubing and stainless steel flexible hose (instead of PVC flex hose) on lines handling those materials and you will most certainly need to use elbows made of abrasion resistant materials. There are also special coatings available for the interiors of vacuum receivers to minimize the effect of the abrasion.
  • Materials above 250° F.
    Some equipment manufacturers use neoprene or other materials in the construction of their equipment which will not serve you very well if you are transferring materials over 250° F. Be sure that your supplier is aware of any high-temperature materials that will come into contact with their equipment so they can offer hi-temp silicone gaskets and seals.
  • Very Powdery Materials
    Regular vacuum loaders and receivers are designed to transfer pellets and regrind. If your material is very dusty or if you are conveying powders with up to about 10% of titanium dioxide or carbon black, specially designed Powder Loaders and Powder Receivers are required. These units are designed to transfer those kinds of materials. Depending on conditions, use of these materials may also require additional filters at certain places. Note that if you are transferring powder with more than 10% TiO2 or carbon black, your supplier may have to run some tests to determine conveying feasibility