Basic System Types

We can break Vacuum Systems down into four basic types which are generally used by processors, dependant on application:

Processor Business: Extrusion, Pre-forms & Thermo Forming = basic system type: Single Source - Single Destination.

Processor Business: Caps, Containers, Containers & Extrusion= basic system type: Single Source - Multiple Destination.

Processor Business: Extrusion = basic system type: Multiple Source - Single Destination.

Processor Business: Injection Molders, Tubing, Wire & Cable = basic system type: Multiple Source - Multiple Destination.


There are many crossover situations but typically the processor listed in the businesse above will employ the resin conveying system type shown opposite their business category.

There are many questions to consider when selecting a vacuum system:

  • Does the resin require drying?
  • Are all multiple source materials similar…like PE and PP?
  • Is a common or dedicated line for conveying preferred?
  • Dry or ambient air conveying?
  • Are material selection manifolds required?
  • Is verification and validation of materials a factor?
  • Is line purging required?

All of these questions are best discussed with the systems engineer who will help guide you through the decision making process.

There are also sub-systems which may be considered separately and can be integrated into the primary resin conveying system.

System Integration

When you consider a central resin handling system it is best to include all parts of the process if possible. Anything you can do to get declutter and simplify the production floor results in a better workflow, fewer employees and increased profits.