Bulk Material Storage & Transfer

Bulk storage and transfer should be part of any resin handling system plan.

Bulk Storage and Transfer Video

The more materials you can get off the production floor, the better. That means not only your basic resins but your regrind, additives, colorants etc. Talk to your system designer about the volume of each of these materials that you use. Consider how you might store all your materials in one or more segregates areas to get them off the production floor and let the central resin handling system bring only the quantities the process calls for to the production area.

Dedicated or common lines may be used for transferring material from silos or surge bins – depending on whether the materials are similar or not. Get advice from your systems engineer on the best approach for your application.

To satisfy your storage needs there are silos for high volume resins and railcar unloading equipment plus surge bins or day bins of all sizes. Besides clearing your production area, you gain the opportunity to buy in bulk and reduce waste – further increasing your profit margin.

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