Pellet & Regrind Loaders

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Vacuum loaders transfer pellets and regrind from one or more sources (usually a Gaylord) to a single destination (usually a blender, drying hopper or machine throat).

Hopper mount models (typically have capacities that range from 1/8 through 1 cu. ft.)

Machine mount models typically range from 1/8 through 1 cu. ft.

Options for abrasive or hot materials ( over 250° F.) are available.

There are several variations on loader design:

  • Conventional dump throat
  • Flat bottom with internal dump throat
  • Internal filter screen to collect dust & fines
  • Filter-less design
  • Receivers may be stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum
  • Exterior surface may be painted or brushed – even electro-polished

Some features to look for include:

  • Stainless steel body – wears longer
  • Modular design – for easy access and cleanout
  • Tangential Material Inlet Deflector/Flapper

Provides cyclonic air/material separation which minimizes material degradation

  • Deflector flapper w/ gasket – ensures that blowback does not travel down material line
  • Gasket on dump throat - maintains seal for high vacuum level
  • ‘No-load’ alarm and silencer button – warns of empty material source
  • Automatic pulsed blowback – to reduce frequency of manual cleaning
  • Machine mount models should have level sensor – to avoid over loading

Typical accessories include:

Typical Option:

  • Brushless motor – to reduce maintenance