Powder Loaders

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Powder Loaders operate on the same principle as standard loaders but they are designed specifically for conveying dusty regrind and powders like PVC that include blended amounts of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, etc. (They are not approved for conveying these additives alone.) Specially designed filters (one to three each) and powerful blowback are required to keep filters from clogging. The conventional dump throat is typical.

Hopper mount models typically have capacities that range from 1/8 through 1 cu. ft.

A machine mount model is available in 1/8 cu.ft.

Some features to look for include:

  • Stainless steel body – wears longer
  • Modular design – for easy access and cleanout
  • Tangential Material Inlet Deflector/Flapper

Provides cyclonic air/material separation which minimizes material degradation

  • Deflector flapper w/ gasket – ensures that blowback does not travel down material line
  • Gasket on dump throat - maintains seal for high vacuum level
  • ‘No-load’ alarm and silencer button – warns of empty material source
  • Automatic pulsed blowback – to reduce frequency of manual cleaning
  • Spun bond polyester filter elements – load powders down to 1 micron and are washable
  • Machine mount models should have level sensor – to avoid over loading

Typical accessories include:

  • External proportioning valve & control– for layering virgin/regrind materials

Typical Option:

  • Brushless motor – to reduce maintenance