Vacuum Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement vacuum pumps use a rotary lobe blower, belt driven by a 3-phase motor, to create a deep vacuum for high throughput and/or long distance conveying of pellets, powders and regrind. Typically, these pumps are shipped fully assembled.
Sizes generally run from 3Hp to 25 Hp.

Features to look for include a vacuum breaker that allows the pump to run-on past demand. This eliminates rapid start/stop cycles and reduces energy usage. A built-in cartridge filter with fines collection pan is suggested as is a discharge muffler to reduce noise level. Some manufacturers offer sound-deadening curtains to further reduce noise level.

PD Pumps can be used with line diameters of 1.5-4"” and provide an operating vacuum level of 12”-13" Hg.

These pumps can be supplied as stand-alone pumps or multiple pumps may be mounted on a large rack with soundproofing curtains. It is fairly common for conveying systems to include one or more back-up pumps to provide coverage during maintenance times or for expansion.