Vacuum Regenerative Blower Pumps

blower pump

Vacuum regenerative blower pumps provide compact, quiet, maintenance-free vacuum conveying power for free flowing pellets, powders and regrind. These pumps are typically shipped fully assembled on a base and they are permanently lubricated to deliver optimum vacuum. A 3-phase motor is direct-coupled to the blower.

These pumps are usually offered as single-stage or dual-stage models. The single-stage models are typically used with 1.5” - 2.5” diameter lines and provide an operating vacuum level of 7-8” Hg. The dual stage models are use with 1.5 – 3” diameter lines and provide 10-11” Hg operating vacuum.

It is important to include a vacuum breaker valve which allows pump run-on after loading is complete to extend pump life and ensure instant vacuum on demand. A cartridge filter is typically used to trap carryover fines. These pumps are known for their quiet operation.

Some manufacturers offer an optional discharge selection valve that allows exhaust air to be recycled back to a closed-loop dry air system or discharged to atmosphere.