Dryer Types

DoserWheel Dryer. Dual Bed Dryer
Resin Drying prior to processing maintains the performance characteristics of your resin and ultimately your competitive position.  The importance of dryer selection to meet your process requirements now, and in the future, is of vital consideration.  
Dryer Technologies differ greatly in:


  • Energy Usage
  • Footprint
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Performance
  • Initial Cost

There are at least a dozen type Drying Technologies available to processors; which one is right for you?


Listed are the most popular Dryer Technologies in use today and a description of their main features. Be sure to check out the ‘Dryer Selector’, ‘Comparing Drying Technologies’ and  ‘Typical Energy Costs/100 lb. of Throughput’ to further assist you in selecting the best dryer technology for your application.