Dryer Comparison Chart

Dryer Type Throughput Range (lb./hr.) Initial Costs -40 Dew Point Energy Usage Footprint Maintenance Desiccant
*Compressed Air Dryer up to 50 Low No High-Very High Low Low No
Compressed Air w/Optional Membrane up to 50 Moderate Yes Very High Low Low No
NovaDrier(TM) Membrane 7-200 Moderate Yes Moderate Low Minimal No
**Vacuum Dryer 30-1000 Moderate No Low Low Low No
Dual Bed Desiccant 15-5000 Moderate-High Yes Moderate-High High High Yes
***Desiccant Wheel Dryer 25-5000 Moderate-Low Yes Low Low Low No
Infrared PET Dryer 500-5000 Moderate Yes Very Low Low Low No
*Above 200 lb./hr. the compressed air usage is impractically high
**The Vacuum Dryer does not operate on the dew point principle
***The cost of large wheel dryers is significantly less than Dual Bed Dryers