Drying Hoppers for Plastic Resins

Fully insulated modular hopper
Fully insulated modular hopper showing side-mount bracket for heater/blower

Elongated sight glass
Elongated sight glass

Drying hoppers are part of most drying systems. They are usually sized to hold about four times the hourly throughput of the dryer they serve. At a glance, they look much the same but there are certain basic features you should look for to ensure efficient drying and processing convenience.

  • Sizes range up to 18,000 lb. capacity
  • Stainless Steel  or Carbon Steel Construction - Depending on Size
  • Insulation
  • Elongated Sight Glass
  • Large Access Door
  • Slide-gate Shutoff and Drain
  • Return Air Pellet Screen
  • Mounting Bracket for Heater/Blower

Full insulation is the most important feature to ensure energy efficiency. The insulation should be at least 2” thick and should be included in the cone area as well as the sides of the hopper.

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