Infrared Crystallizer/Dryer

DRY and Crystalize PET in less than 1 Hour!

Dry Air Purging

Throughput: 180-4000 lb. /hr. of PET

Using infrared rays is a fast, economical way to crystallize and dry PET. This technology uses no desiccant and you do not depend on the dew point of the process air to dry the material. You can reduce energy costs by up to 45% compared to using conventional crystallizer and dual bed dryer.

Material is fed into a horizontal, rotating drum with an internal helix that transports the material through the drum. As the material passes through the drum, it is exposed to infrared rays from banks of infrared lamps. The rays do not heat the surrounding air, but instead, they penetrate to the center of the individual pieces of material and drive the moisture to the surface where it is carried away by a stream of air. Uniform exposure to the rays is guaranteed by the tumbling of the material as it passes through the rotating drum.