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View real-time diagnostics of dryer operation on a dashboard with 10 gauges covering key metrics.

DryerSense is Novatec’s approach to the industry 4.0 initiative for predictive and prescriptive maintenance on dryer products.



Narrator: I’m hear with Tim Noggle, Vice President of Sales and we’re talking about DryerSense. With these large desiccant dryers, you just brought this on this year and can you explain what it does?

Tim: So, DryerSense is Novatec’s approach to the industry 4.0 initiative for predictive and prescriptive maintenance on dryer products. We look at both process data and machine data at a component level and apply analytics to look at whether there are issues that need to be addressed with the machines both electrically and mechanically and it comes standard on our dryers and the larger sizes currently.

Narrator: Perfect, Thanks Tim. I’m going to turn it over now to Mark Haynie who has been the dryer product manager since 2006. Mark is a recognized leader in desiccant drying and works closely with many of the resin companies on new polymer drying innovations. Mark what specifically is being measured by DryerSense?

Mark: Thanks Paul, in addition to the approximately 60 alarms and notifications that come through the PLC, we also have additional MachineSense sensors. So, the normal alarms in that, they come through this PLC would include the normal things you’d see like heating over temperature alarms, filter alarms that filters need to be changed, the rotation and that of the blowers, but beyond that we’ve now added sensors to the blowers and through the power monitor in the dryers that allow us to monitor things like the imbalance of a blower, it allows you to know how the bearing health is on the blowers in the system, how the chain drive is operating within the dryer itself. It allows you to check into the heaters and identify and we’ll go over hear to talk about that. In this one, you can see the MachineSense monitoring here. And here we have the toroid’s and that that are on the power monitor. These do additionally to monitoring the heaters it tells you the power quality of the system. It will tell you whether there’s surge in high voltages, low voltages occurring, a surge in sway of the system. It will monitor each of the heaters. If a heater fails in this system, typically what would happen if a heater fails, it puts an imbalance on the load and once you have an imbalance on a load, additional heaters start failing at an increasing rate. And you’re able to catch this early in the process, repair heaters when it’s convenient to you and it’s not necessarily fixing the heaters when they have to be because you have an outage. So, this system allows you to monitor the entire dryer system, it allows you to monitor all the heaters in the central drying system and all the blowers throughout the entire system for all the possible alarms and not just the alarms that currently but things that could happen in the future that could cause outages and cause your system to go down.

Narrator: Thanks Mark. I have a last question. I know it’s available, but how do you get it?

Mark: Right now, it’s available in all of our central dryers from $800 and up but within the next couple of months it’s going to be available in every product we sell including our smaller systems, everything that Novatec sells, you’ll be able to monitor, as easy from your desktop.

Narrator: Thanks Mark. If you need more information visit