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Press-Side Dryer and Mold Temp Controller on a Single Base

The DryTemp+ combines Novatec press-side NovaWheel™ dry/convey models (up to 150 lb./hr.) with the proven, single or dual zone, Sentra™ mold temp controls from Advantage Engineering.


Video Transcription

Narrator: We’re here back with Mark Haynie and he’s going to talk about the drying part of DryTemp+. Take it away Mark.

Mark: Thank you a whole lot Paul. This is all about trying to save space in the molding operation floor and to give you more space and a simple operation of two pieces of equipment that are always used in every molding operation. There’s a dryer system, and a mold temperature controller, TCU, that’s used in every molding operation. The dryer system fits into the same footprint as any of our other dryer systems, nothing has increased in order to do this integration of the two units. The control systems are under a common platform. When you enter the information here, it enters the information for both units, taking time and effort off of the floor, as well as saving all that additional floor space.

Narrator: Mark thanks very much. I’d like to bring in John Gunderson, President of Advantage Engineering. His mold temperature unit here is an integral part of this whole process. What about temperature control? Can you run us through that John?

John: Yeah, I’ll take you through it here quick. What we have inside here is we have ¾ horsepower, 10 Kw temperature control unit with our industry only modulating cooling valve our AVT valve. So, the benefit here is we have a single place to enter your set points which the PLC then talks to the Advantage temperature control device which is in the cabinet back here and our controller does all the control logic. It does auto vent on start up, it monitors all heat needed, the cooling needed, it checks all the alarms and it feeds back that information to the PLC. So, you get the benefit of the drying controls from the PLC but the standard Advantage control system that you would have on any stand-alone unit you may have in your shop already.

Narrator: John thanks. Quick question. Is this available in single and dual?

Mark: Yes. We do have single and dual zone. The one shown here has two zones in the machine

Narrator: Perfect. Thanks very much John. I’d like to introduce Fred Icorn who is the controls manager for Novatec. He’s going to talk about the combination PLC control for the unit. Fred take it away.

Fred: Thank you Paul. As Paul mentioned, we have a common control system. It includes Novatec’s industrial proven NovaTouch PLC control system that we use on all of our wheel dryer models. It also includes Advantage Engineers Tried and true proven centra mold temperature controlling unit which includes a AVT modulating valve for improved water control temperature.

Narrator: Perfect Fred thanks. I see you have a bar code scanner here. Tell us how that works and what the features are and the customer benefits if you could.

Fred: Certainly, certainly. We have included a USB compatible bar code scanner. We actually have included the ability to load recipes that can be proven out over time and stored in the controls. An operator can come along and scan the molds of the injection molding machine that they have, they can scan it very easily, then in addition to that this will pre-load all the drying temperatures for the dryer and for the mold temperature control units. In addition, we can also verify that the proper material is being loading into the drying hopper. So, we can have a bar code scanner on the material and we can scan this which will ten verify and allow the drying system to run properly. All this can be seen and verified and adjusted through the controls as well, manually.

Narrator: Fred thanks very much. For more information visit