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Digital Dryer Monitoring with Predictive Maintenance

With more than 20 sensors strategically placed throughout the dryer, the DigiTwin system from Novatec constantly measures component performances and can detect changes long before the machine control even knows about it.


Video Transcription

Narrator: Good morning we’re back and we’re here with Conrad Bessemer and Tim Noggle. We’ll start with Conrad. Conrad is President and CEO of Novatec and he is credited with many of the new designs in the drying area, the conveying area and the downstream extrusion area. He’s been with Novatec for twelve years, and he’s also the co-founder and executive chairman of MachineSenseTM, which is a retrofitable predictive maintenance technology based upon sensor analytics.

So, Conrad why don’t we start with you and why don’t you give us an idea about the concept behind DigiTwin.

Conrad: Well, DigiTwin is our concept of service of the future. As you can see we have a virtual machine and a real machine. The idea in the future is that you have a virtual machine of any technology any machine that’s in this show. On that machine we have a series of sensors. Not just taking information from the PLC but sensors on the blower, sensors on the heaters, sensors on the motors, sensors on the drive. All that information is feeding in, so you have virtual machine representation. You can see it on this screen coming through right now. All that information coming through, so you can actually see what’s performing and what’s not performing. This is the way technology is going for the future.

Narrator: Thanks Conrad. Tim, there’s a lot of examples of industry 4.0 at the show, as you know. What makes DigiTwin different, and specifically why is this different than ordinary machine monitoring?

Tim: I appreciate the question Paul, so DigiTwin is a much more in-depth type of system than a lot of the industry 4.0 systems that you see throughout the show specifically because not only are we monitoring process data that’s already present in the machines but we’re also monitoring component health within each one of the machines at a microscopic level. So, one of the blowers that we see down here, we’re not only watching the airflow that’s coming out of that and getting that process information but were looking at the specific components that make that up. So, we’re looking at the bearings, we’re looking at the motor, we’re looking at the component items so that not only will we see when there’s a failure in one of the machines, but we’ll also see when we’re starting to have an anomaly in the machine that we can then predict if there will be a failure, well ahead of any process anomaly that happens.

Narrator: Conrad, this looks like the future of service innovation with a solid footing in drying. How do you see this changing the current landscape of machine service?

Conrad: Well, the virtual machine concept has been used throughout the aircraft industry, for example GE, Boeing uses it now to track malfunctions in airplane engines, we see this going across the spectrum of every machine in the United States, in North America, in Europe and Asia. So, pretty soon what you’ll be able to see on your phone, on your iPad, on your pc, is a virtual depiction of everything that’s going on in that machine, so you know exactly what’s happening and exactly what’s going to happen.

Narrator: Perfect, Conrad thank you. Tim, thank you. If you want to learn more about DigiTwin go to