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Automatic Moisture Control for Press Side Dryers

NWB+ series press-side dryers up to 150 lb/hr can now be equipped with Thermal+ from Novatec to ensure that new heat-sensitive resins are dried properly.


Video Transcript Narrator:

Narrator: We're back again with Mark Haney and we're here with yet another portable drying option from Novatec the thermal plus series. Mark. Why don't we start with what is called thermal plus.

Mark: It’s thermal plus because there's two different parts of the equation as far as in drying. It's the dewpoint of the air that it's used for drying that provides the driving force for moisture to be released and the temperature at which it dries at. And one of the things with a with a drying system is that, as you start running the drying system at lower than its normal rate, the dew point it starts to decrease and the temperature begins to increase on the outlet and the drying system here and that's indicative of putting too much energy into the resin, as too much energy is put into the resin, it causes degradation in certain resins, particularly resins like nylon, which has a problematic resin because it can hold so much moisture and also has very little moisture it holds in the wintertime. Polyurethanes which can become less flexible and you're using it to be a flexible resin and PVTs, which can sometimes degrade to the point where the resin after a number of hours is less effective. So I like to look at this as being the everything dryer where it can dry every resin, dry it well and also automatically adapt to the changing conditions within the operation of a plant. So you'll get the same parts quality out in the middle of the wintertime as you would in the summertime, you don't have brittle parts in the winter and you don't have under dried materials in the summer months.

Narrator: That's amazing. That's great stuff. Mark can you tell us what sizes are currently available and when you think they're going to be rolling out?

Mark: This is all available through all of our portable line from a smallest unit at twenty five pounds per hour, up to the top end around 200 pounds an hour of any of these resins and we're introducing this right now and the rollout will be in the next few weeks and available throughout this summer.

Narrator: That's awesome. Great. Thanks. If you need more information on this