Crystallizers and Dryers for PET Processors

Throughputs up to 5,000 lb./hr. (225-2270 kg/hr.)

Energy savings of over $100,000 / year now possible!

New forms of PET are finding ever more uses as recycling becomes more prevalent. Industrial and consumer sources of regrind are growing and there is a demand for crystallizing and drying equipment to process large throughputs of material.
Processors of thin sheet and film for packaging produce large amounts of scrap that must be recycled into products. Blow molders are increasing the amounts of recycled PET used in their bottles to remain competitive and large carpet suppliers are switching to polyester yarn, which is less expensive than nylon. All recycled PET must be crystallized and dried before re-use.

WHITEPAPER: Maximizing Efficiency of PET Resin Dryers 

The key to drying PET efficiently is to minimize heat and airflow while meeting moisture and IV requirements…automatically. Learn more by downloading and reading the white paper.

The Conventional Crystallizer used in conjunction with a Dual Bed Dryer is still widely used for this purpose but the huge energy costs associated with large dual bed dryers is driving processors to more modern drying methods. See Modern vs. Old Dryers

Dual Bed Dryer.3500 lb/hr.

As an example of the savings possible, there was a company running about 3500 lb./hr. of PET using an old dual bed dryer.

By switching to a 90% efficient gas-fired process heater and turning off the electric process heater - they will save over $130,000/year!

There are two ‘new’ major methods of accomplishing the crystallizing/drying process:

Energy-savings with automatic control.
This innovative drying system combines a new NovaWheel™ dryer design with a unique patented dual airflow pattern to enable processors of PET resin to reduce initial cost, equipment footprint, maintenance, and energy costs compared to conventional Dual Bed/Crystallizer systems.


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