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How to choose a granulator

How to Choose a Granulator

Choosing a granulator depends upon the material to be cut as well as its size, shape and thickness. The amount of material that needs to be granulated and how the regrind will be processed are also key considerations.


Two Cumberland thermoforming granulator configurations

Regrinding for Thermoforming

Dr. James L. Throne, PhD takes a look at the process of thermoforming in this tutorial. He focuses on the part that "never, ever" produces money and how to make the most of it.


Cumberland beside the press units and configurations can save time, money, labor, and material costs.

Beside-the-Press Regrinding

Different regrind processes are better for different scenarios. Regrinding Beside-the-Press, when sensible, can  save time, labor, and material costs. This White Paper will focus on Beside-the-Press and the top five reasons you might want to choose this type of granulator.



Teel Plastics uses beside-the-press granulators

CASE STUDY: Move to Beside-The-Press Granulators Yields Major Results

Looking to minimize the regrind touch points, Teel Plastics management consulted with Cumberland about their current challenges and the possibility of using beside-the-press (BTP) granulators. After an onsite analysis, they decided on a test that would feature BTP granulators on one of their smaller lines.