Compounding with the Twin Screw Extruder

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This 8 lesson course (10-12 hours of training) teaches the fundamentals of compounding with the twin screw extruder. Lessons include parts and operation of a twin screw extruder, raw materials used, plastic behavior in the extruder, optimizing control settings, safety and startup procedures, troubleshooting, process control, overall productivity and profits. Employees will become experts in the startup, operation, and shutdown of the twin screw extruder. Emphasis is on maximizing productivity, safe operating procedures and quickly solving problems.

Lessons in Compounding with the Twin Screw Extruder
Lesson 1 - Twin Screw Extruder Parts and Operation
Lesson 2 - The Structure of Plastics
Lesson 3 - How Plastics Flow Effects of Pressure, Temperature and Flow
Lesson 4 - Plastic Behavior in the Twin Screw Extruder
Lesson 5 - Optimizing Twin Screw Extruder Controls
Lesson 6 - Safety, Pre-start and Start-up Procedures
Lesson 7 - Steady-State Operation, Shutdown and Maintenance
Lesson 8 - Troubleshooting the Twin Screw Extruder

Sheet Extrusion Technology

This 7 lesson course (9-11 Hours of Training) is used in conjunction with our 9-lesson Single Screw Extrusion course. It provides a complete course in all aspects of sheet extrusion processing technology, ranging from parts and operation of the sheet extrusion line, to controlling plastic flow in the die, to efficient sheet extrusion troubleshooting systems and methodologies.

It is designed by experts to achieve the training goals of any sheet extrusion plant. Production floor personnel from machine operators to process engineers will learn valuable information that will make their jobs easier and the sheet extrusion process in their plant more efficient.

Sheet Extrusion Technology Lessons
Lesson 1 - The Sheet Extrusion Line: Parts and Operation
Lesson 2 - Sheet Extrusion Dies
Lesson 3 - Controlling Plastic Flow in the Die
Lesson 4 - Plastic Behavior in the Sheet Extrusion Line
Lesson 5 - Pre-Start, Start-up, and Steady-State Operating Procedures
Lesson 6 - Safety and Shutdown Procedures
Lesson 7 - Troubleshooting the Sheet Extrusion Line