Sheet Extrusion Technology

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This is a  comprehensive 7 lesson CD training program designed specifically for the training needs of the sheet extrusion plant. Designed to be used in conjunction with our nine lesson single screw extrusion program. Personnel from machine operators through process engineers will find valuable information to help make their work and the sheet extrusion process more efficient.

Sheet Extrusion Technology is designed to be used in conjunction with our 9-lesson single screw extrusion course. It provides an overview of sheet extrusion technology ranging from parts and operation, to controlling plastic flow in the die, to troubleshooting the sheet extrusion line.

Lesson 1: The Sheet Extrusion Line: Parts and Operation
An overview of the machinery that makes up the sheet line and how it operates. Topics include roll stand designs and operation, design and operation of the chill rolls, types of gauging systems, static discharge systems, design and operation trimmers, pull rolls, winders and cutters.

Lesson 2: Sheet Extrusion Dies
This lesson discusses the various sheet die design advantages and disadvantages and their construction including the manifold design, heaters, restrictor bars, deckle bars, and types of die lips including fixed lip, adjustable lip and flexible lip.

Lesson 3: Controlling Plastic Flow in the Die
Teaches the design and operation of the T-type, the Coathanger, and the Curved Manifold sheet die designs, as well as how the restrictor bar and the die gap adjustment are used to control plastic flow through the sheet die. Feed block and co-extrusion dies are also discussed.

Lesson 4: Plastic Behavior in the Sheet Extrusion Line
Topics include plastic behavior as it affects finished sheet quality as the plastic travels from the sheet die through the downstream sheet line. Molecular orientation, die swell, the effects of roll speed and roll cooling, how cooling affects semicrystalline plastics, uniaxial and biaxial orientation and annealing are all discussed. The lesson also discusses the fundamentals of process control of the sheet line.

Lesson 5: Pre-Start, Start-up, and Steady State Operating Procedures
Takes the student through the process of starting up the sheet extrusion line safely and efficiently, starting from a power-off, cold extruder. The goal is to achieve steady state operations, monitoring machine settings and product properties, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lesson 6: Safety and Shutdown Procedures
Demonstrates how to safely shut down the sheet extrusion line at the end of a production run. This lesson also discusses safety principles, including proper personnel apparel and recommended operating procedures around the machinery, in the sheet extrusion plant.

Lesson 7: Troubleshooting the Sheet Extrusion Line
This lesson demonstrates and provides techniques for solving many common problems when operating the sheet extrusion line. Both product defects and their cause as related to machine control settings and process variations are discussed. Each problem is analyzed in a systematic manner and solutions are presented.