Extruder Operation and Control - Single Screw Extrusion

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Extruder Operation and Control – Single Screw Extrusion - A 9 lesson program (15-18 hours of training) recommended for extruder operators, material handlers, set-up personnel and production supervisors. This program begins with the fundamentals of single screw technology and takes your employees through the entire single screw process. Also taught in this program is in-depth troubleshooting information allowing your employees to become expert extrusion troubleshooters.

Lessons in Extruder Operation and Control – Single Screw
Lesson 1 – The Single Screw Extruder: Parts and Operation
Lesson 2 – The Structure of Plastic Raw Materials
Lesson 3 – The Characteristics of Plastics for Extrusion
Lesson 4 – The Effects of Pressure, Temperature and Flow
Lesson 5 – Optimizing Extruder Controls – Part 1
Lesson 6 – Optimizing Extruder Controls – Part 2
Lesson 7 – Safety, Pre-Start and Start-Up Procedures
Lesson 8 – Steady-State Operations, Shutdown and Maintenance Procedures
Lesson 9 – Troubleshooting for Extrusion

Davis-Standard Single Screw Extrusion

This 2 Lesson program (2-4 hours of training), co-produced with Davis-Standard, teaches specific operating procedures for companies that run Davis-Standard extruders. This course is designed to supplement our "Extruder Operation and Control - Single Screw".

Train production personnel, supervisors and managers with the very latest extrusion process technology from Davis-Standard and Paulson Training Programs. This Davis-Standard customized training course will enable your extrusion team to:

  • Learn the detail of individual components of the Davis-Standard Extruder, what they look like and how they operate
  • Understand how plastic travels through the single screw extruder
  • Learn about the control of plastic melting, flow and pressure in the extruder
  • Examine the effects of temperature, pressure and machine design on the material
  • Explore ways to optimize control settings on the Davis-Standard Single Screw Extruder