Show off your training program

It is a GREAT sales tool. We’ve had many customers report back that just the fact that they have a documented training program in place has provided them a huge ROI on their training investment – in some cases, even before they’ve really gotten into the training!

Below are just some of the benefits companies experience when they have a fully implemented training system in place as part of their continuous production operations.

  • Less damage to injection molds and extrusion dies
  • Reductions in unplanned machine downtime
  • Faster, more efficient troubleshooting
  • Far fewer part defects
  • Improved part quality and consistency
  • A repeatable, reliable process
  • Permanent reduction in cycle times
  • A safer production floor
  • Injection molding cycle optimization (that is repeatable)
  • Extrusion optimization resulting in lower costs and higher output
  • Dramatically reduced good part to good part mold change times
  • Better mold and machine maintenance (longer life)
  • Happy customers
  • Higher profits  


We Offer:   

Basic Training

Intermediate Training
Advanced Training

Specialized Training