The growing line of affordable MachineSense Power Analyzers has been designed for many industrial electrical applications—to help identify key electrical issues as well as to help identify looming failure issues in motors, drives and heaters.

In the past, looking for power quality issues has typically only been a last resort because most plant management personnel do not have a thorough understanding of electrical issues. However, research has shown that many equipment issues are due to electrical power quality problems. Instead of making power quality a review of last resort, increasingly it should be used as a first survey for most process manufacturers.

Symptoms of power quality problems occur randomly, and always at the worst of times.  You suffer through unplanned downtime caused by motors that mysteriously die, machine controllers that suddenly lose their programs or values, damaged drives, capacitors that short out and more. And, with more machinery being run by electrically sensitive equipment such as VFD drives and computerized controls, the problems are accelerating not diminishing. 

A recent survey indicated that US businesses lost a staggering $188 billion a year in direct costs as well as lost productivity due to internal power quality issues that are often not diagnosed or misdiagnosed and occur again and again.

Most industrial factories in the US were set up long before the ages of computerization, computer controls and sophisticated variable frequency drives. Building contractors designed facilities without thinking that computers would be on every desk and every machine control. They designed for motors running only at their design speed and lighting that had a low harmonic output. In the past, building designers and electrical engineers had little reason to be concerned about harmonics, transients and other power factor issues. As a result, internal plant power is often a major undiagnosed problem that constrains productivity, increases utility charges and causes electrical or computer failures. Most plant personnel assume that motor failures are the fault of the motor or the machinery supplier and just replace the motor. However, the vast majority of motor failures are due to power quality problems.

MachineSense Power Analyzers are the first series of rationally priced instrumentation designed by manufacturers for manufacturers to help them understand electrical issues and sort them out to avoid undiagnosed electrical issues occurring on an ongoing basis.