Power Usage

Energy costs are increasing and often are one of the most significant controllable costs in a manufacturing facility. In addition to identifying power factor penalties, MachineSense can record power usage so you can effectively understand the power usage of components or circuits within your facility and then take energy-saving steps as warranted.

One of the biggest advantages of MachineSense Power Analyzers is that it is easily to install and easy to understand the readouts. In addition, the power analyzer can record power usage and other conditions over an extended period of time as many fluctuating power conditions are random events that can’t be adequately shown over a day or two period.

Solid State Drives
There is a very high usage of power converters in the modern power system because of their high efficiency. Solid state drives are extensively used in the modern industries (i.e., textile, extrusion in plastic) for flexible control of power and to reduce the power loss. Unfortunately, solid state drives produce different types of power quality (PQ) problems. Waveform distortion, particularly harmonics generated by power converter is one of the PQ issues that affect the power system operation. These converter systems generate not only characteristic harmonics but also non-characteristic harmonics like inter-harmonics. Power Analyzer measures all kinds of harmonics and current imbalance and if harmonics crosses a threshold amount, it sends SMS/Email alerts to the assigned stakeholders.


Power Factor Suppression and Harmonic Compensation Using Capacitor Banks
Power factor compensation and harmonic suppression are two important issues in industrial plants because of installation of huge number of inductive loads such as electric motors and non-linear power electronic devices that produce harmonic disturbances. Harmonics in industrial plants can shorten the equipment’s life and cause transformer overheating, motor failures, fuse blowing, capacitor failures, and malfunction of control systems. In heavy duty plants, low power factor has commonly been compensated by installing medium and low voltage capacitor banks. These medium and low voltage capacitor banks also help customers avoid penalties on their power utility, and reduce extra losses in transformers, overhead lines and cables. However, banks of capacitors and industrial inductors when placed together can create a lot of undesired frequencies due to resonance which have been learned to be harmful. That’s why optimization of configuration and values of capacitor banks is of utmost importance so that resulting configuration of inductors and capacitance don’t result in undesired frequencies. This can be automatically discovered from harmonics levels and Power Analyzer provides the total harmonics distortion information automatically with a SMS/Email alarm system.