Prophecy Unleashes The Power of Technology 4.0

Prophecy Sensorlytics is part of the exciting Technology 4.0 platform that is being utilized heavily in the “Internet of Things”.  Already many consumer based companies have applied this technology to consumer wearables, home security and consumer HVAC systems, but Prophecy is solely dedicated to business to business applications to leverage the power of Technology 4.0 to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing.  By using the data that is already available and analyzing it effectively, you can use your existing personnel and machine asset resources more wisely and lower your costs while increasing your productivity.  

We are in exciting times as competitiveness returns to our manufacturing base. The Internet of Things Technology 4.0 and Prophecy help bring the power of technology to the manufacturing floor.

The biggest gain in manufacturing productivity in a zero waste world is the commingling of manufacturing technology with Web 4.0 The web 4.0 as illustrated by The Internet of Things is where every device becomes connected and can be monitored and queried on a real time basis to improve productivity and to avoid run to failure mentality.

As the power of the Internet of Things allows for sub-miniature sensors at reasonable costs, the communication of man to machine andmachine to man is dramatically enhanced.  Rather than relying on operator observation for machine condition, machines are constantly monitoring themselves looking for problems and reporting deviations directly to maintenance personnel, plant management or outside service contractors using Bluetooth and Zigbee technology for cloud based plant wide monitoring systems.



Sensorlytics:  An End to “Run To Failure"

For too long, plastics processors have felt they had no choice but to run to failure because there was no way of predicting impending failure.  However, with the advent of smaller sensors and analytic software that is no longer the case.  Ongoing machine events can be logged and recorded to show up and down performance levels all of which go to avoiding machine failure.  Your process line is much like the human body.  It depends on flow. That flow is enabled by various process and auxiliary equipment all of which can be monitored effectively by a wide range of sensors that instantly alert of changes in trends which are almost always signs of pending failure.  


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Patents Pending on Prophecy Sensorlytic Machine Wearables

Prophecy Sensorlytics is available to select OEM equipment licensees through the industry.