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MachineSense Brings Preventative Maintenance to Today's Factory

Industry 4.0 is the buzz with new equipment, but how do you get the benefits of preventative maintenance with already installed equipment? MachineSense has an answer. Watch Now


Power Monitoring & Analysis System Finds Root Causes of Plant Power Problems

Undetected plant power problems can cause equipment failure, downtime and excessive energy costs. This inexpensive power monitoring and analysis system can find problems before the damage is done.  Watch Now


Prevent Conveying Vacuum Pump Problems with Predictive Maintenance System

Retrofitable Vacuum Pump Analyzer tracks operating conditions and trend health of vacuum conveying pumps. Cloud based analytics require no advanced training or expertise. Watch Now.


ComponentAnalyzer Tracks Health of Rotating Machinery Components

The easy-to-install MachineSense ComponentAnalyzer constantly tracks the operating condition and trend health of rotating components in industrial machinery.  Watch Now


Long Distance Wireless Sensing Solutions for Remotely Installed Equipment

Wireless sensor technology provides long distance communications with very low power. Sensors can connect with gateways hundreds of feet away and are ideal for outdoor applications. Watch Now