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ComponentAnalyzer Tracks Health of Rotating Machinery Components

The easy-to-install MachineSense ComponentAnalyzer constantly tracks the operating condition and trend health of rotating components in industrial machinery.


Video Transcription

Narrator: I'm back with Jim Zinski, President of MachineSense, and we're here to talk about the MachineSense component analyzer. Jim, why don't you walk us through it?

Jim: The component analyzer senses vibration and ambient conditions and diagnosis the operating health of routine equipment. We have a power supply that handles up to four sensors and a data hub that's good for two sensors. We also have a single kit that will provide four sensors and two data hubs at a very cost effective platform.

Narrator: Let me ask you this, what's so unique about the product and what's beneficial to the customer?

Jim: We monitor the data 24/7, so that information is then sent up to the Cloud and is accessible through any web browser or smart device without any specialized software or licenses. In addition to that, the customer can bring up continuous trends that show, from shift-to-shift or day-to-day, the types of anomalies that might be occurring due to the different ways the equipment might be operated.

Narrator: Typically, where can these be used?

Jim: They can be used on any rotating piece of equipment. So, in this situation we have a pump. It can also be used on the motor to identify baring condition, it can be used on gearboxes to identify the varying health and gear health and really any number of rotating pieces of equipment.

Narrator: Is it easy to install and is there any security issues?

Jim:  It's very easy to install. It's a 40 pound magnetic mount. You just put it on a flat surface on your piece of equipment, and as long as it's stable, it'll provide a good vibration signal. As far as security goes, the only information that we're sending is the operating vibration, temperature and pressure. So, those are the operating conditions of the unit. There really is no compromising information that's going out. In addition, the data hubs do have a third party verification required before they can be accessed.

Narrator:  That's it. Appreciate your time. If you need any more information on the component analyzer,