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MachineSense Brings Preventative Maintenance to Today's Factory

Industry 4.0 is the buzz with new equipment, but how do you get the benefits of preventative maintenance with already installed equipment? MachineSense has an answer.


Video Transcription

Narrator: Welcome back. I'm here with the CEO of MachineSense, Conrad Bessemer. Conrad, there's a lot of new products up on this video wall talking about preventative maintenance and things including compressors, HVAC and chillers. Why don't you tell us about the entire system and MachineSense processing?

Conrad: Our focus at MachineSense is to bring preventative maintenance and sensors to today's factory. At this show you're seeing a lot of talk about Industry 4.0 on new equipment, but the fact of the matter is most factories are not going to have that new equipment for years and years. So with MachineSense, what we're trying to do is focus on how we can put sensors on today's equipment today. That way we can make reasonably "dumb" equipment much smarter and give you the benefits of preventative maintenance systems. Some of that includes things that you're seeing up here. We have dashboards for different products. We talk about HVAC. We talk about compressors. We can put sensors on your rotational equipment, gearboxes, as well as monitoring the power and harmonics in a plant. Truly, MachineSense takes today's machinery and makes it Industry 4.0 compatible right now.

Narrator: On that topic, there's been a lot of buzz at the show about some recent press announcements from Siemens and Microsoft regarding MachineSense. Why don't you address that, if you will?

Conrad: We've been fortunate enough to be associated with Microsoft. Microsoft recently announced but we are one of the top 12 startup ventures in the world for this type of product. There are only two that were named from the United States. So, we're partnering with Microsoft. Microsoft plans to invest $500 million in this space in the next two years. And we're pleased to be part of that program. In addition, we just received a notification of a partnership with Siemens as well. We're part of the Siemens mindsphere platform. You will be able to go on the Siemens mindsphere platform and download our apps for power quality.

Narrator: That's great news. If you need any more information on MachineSense, go to Conrad, thank you very much for your time.